Araoh Arcaim

Formerly known as Araoh of Kalimahr


Battle Sorcerer (Focus Caster) Focus: Scythe (Necromancy) Chaotic Neutral


Araoh Arcaim is formerly a member of the House of Kalimahr, though he keeps this secret from whomever he meets. He is an eccentric sorcerer with a fascination of death. Mildly insane, and slightly anarchic, he lives life as though it were his own personal game. People are merely pawns to be used for his own benefit, though he does not do cruel things. He is not an evil man, he’s just not particularly good.

He wields a Masterwork Scythe, which he focuses his sorcery into. While he enjoys manipulating magic, he also is a competent melee combatant as well. He will jump into the fray on a whim.

Araoh Arcaim

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